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Fantastic Four (2005)

Posted 9 July 2006 in movie and review

Fantastic Four (2005)

Four scientists go into space to study a radiation storm. In a freak accident, they're exposed to the radiation. Upon returning to Earth, they discover that their DNA has been altered and they have special abilities. The man who funded the mission, however, was similarly exposed but uses his new abilities to wreak havoc on New York. The Four must stop this evil man: Dr. Doom.

The film has a simple goal: use special effects to cover up the gaping plot holes. At no time are you given a reason to care for any of the characters. For instance, Ben Grimm (the Thing) is transformed into some kind of beast. Immediately following the transformation, he goes home looking for his wife's acceptance of his new appearance. She runs away screaming, but inexplicably shows up on a crowded bridge shortly thereafter to take off her wedding ring as Ben watches.

Similarly, Johnny Storm (the Human Torch) is the pilot of the spacecraft that takes the team into space, but he's also an accomplished snowboarder and motocross stunt guy.

All of this adds up to a movie laden with CGI and light on plot. You never really feel for the characters, although you have a mild understanding of what must be going through their mutated, emotionally-unstable minds.

I give "Fantastic Four" 3 out of 5 stars. The movie is fun to watch, the dialog is weak, and special effects are enjoyable.

*[CGI]: computer graphics imaging