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Hey there! This article was written in 2006.

It might not have aged well for any number of reasons, so keep that in mind when reading (or clicking outgoing links!).

On this day: an almanac

Posted 18 March 2006

I've been brewing up this entry for a while, but I had to wait for exactly the right day for the stars and moons to be in alignment. That day is today, so here is my almanac for this day in history.

One year ago

On this day last year, Amanda and I went to Chipotle during our lunch break for the first time ever. I had an incredible chicken burrito that day, the likes of which was never topped until later that week when I surely went to Chipotle again. Also, Amanda's name first appeared on my blog that day, due to her love for Josh Groban.

One week ago

On this day last week, Eric took me out for my birthday. I showed up at his house and he, Kevin, and I fell asleep watching CSI. Around 8:00p we woke up and headed out to Red Robin, which is by no means a substitute for Chipotle. When our bill came, we discovered that our expensive burgers and drinks totaled $2.50 due to a manager's discount of $21.50. Neither we nor our waitress had any idea why we received a comp toward our meal, but I can tell you that my $6.00 burger didn't taste as good when I found out it only cost about 75 cents.

One week from now

On this day next week, I hope to be on the road with Chris and Eric. The closest Chipotle is down in Denton, TX, so we will hopefully make a Chipotle run Friday night, making a stop at Jack-In-The-Box on the way down. I expect to stay at a hotel for the night and wake up the next afternoon to visit Frederick and grab a burrito or two before heading home. Maybe they'll give me Reward Miles or something and I'll get the meal for free.

One year from now

On this day next year, I hope to be wrapping up the spring break of my second senior year at Northwestern, with graduation just around the corner. I already have a pretty good idea of how I'll celebrate my graduation, too; I once asked one of the managers at My Favorite Restaurant if they allowed people to bring in their own drinks. He hemmed and hawed for a bit and replied that outside drinks were probably OK. I was surprised, but Andy observed "How could he possibly say 'no'? We're in here like three times a week." Touché, Collins.