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Hey there! This article was written in 2006.

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OK to TX and back

Posted 26 March 2006

Quite an adventure, yesterday and today were.


After getting off work, I headed by Eric's and picked him up, along with his Gamecube. We then headed to Chris', where we found him 30 minutes into a new computer game. He showed it off for a moment before packing up his XBox and his widescreen high-definition LCD monitor. Then we headed to my house and picked up my DVD player and Stephan's in-car DVD player system. Then, back to Eric's because we forgot his speakers. Finally, we stopped by the store to pick up a few things and drove down to Texas.

The full list of electronics in my car: a Sony PSP, an Apple iPod, an FM transmitter, two DVD players, three LCD monitors, speakers, an XBox, a Gamecube, several games, and an Eddie Izzard DVD.

Me : D'ya think your monitor screen will be OK in the trunk?

Chris : Yeah; I wrapped it in the sleeping bag.

Me : What sleeping bag? ... That's my coat, you clod!


We picked Frederick up for dinner at Chipotle. I accidentally got locked out of the building (it was getting late), but rather than let me back in, Chris hollered at me from the inside. I couldn't hear very well through the door, but I think he was yelling "VACUUM! VAC! UUM!" and flashing the ASL symbol for "vacuum". It was weird.

Unfortunately, we had to drop Frederick off immediately after dinner. Back at the hotel we stayed up until 5:00a playing video games and watching the DVD. Oh yes, and we walked to Whataburger, where Chris put on his very best drunk act (despite the police officer in the parking lot).

We hit Chipotle for lunch on the way out of town, too. I accidentally reached 90 mph while we were taking some photos of a semi's bumper stickers, but aside from that, the ride was uneventful. I think it would be fun to do that again sometime.

[LCD]: Liquid Crystal Display [PSP]: PlayStation Portable [ASL]: American Sign Language [mph]: miles per hour