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Hey there! This article was written in 2005.

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Futurama > you

Posted 6 October 2005

My fish will be named "Nibbler". Redshield suggested "Bender", but my little fishy just eats too much. I feed him at least twice a day, and for some reason he gobbles up everything I throw in. He's a little monster.

Dan requested I talk about him some more, so here it is, a conversation we had in the bathroom:

Dan : You look like Zapp Brannigan.
Me : From Futurama.
Dan : Seriously, have you seen the robe you're wearing? Every time you come in here with that on I just think "Whoa, Zapp Brannigan!"

Shoot, I'm probably going to have to go buy the first season of Futurama after talking about it this much - that show rocked.