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Hey there! This article was written in 2005.

It might not have aged well for any number of reasons, so keep that in mind when reading (or clicking outgoing links!).

Touring like rock stars

Posted 29 September 2005

Northwestern has almost completed the construction of a new on-campus building. It's the Ford Motor Company building (or FoMo, as it's called). Now then: can you guess who snuck in with Andy to take an unofficial tour of the unfinished complex? You'd be wrong if you said "Angelina Jolie".

It was beautiful -- Andy had a cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper, and I had a brick of coke (that's not a drug reference, I literally had 12 coke cans). We strolled in past 8 or 9 construction workers who were on break, and although one of them said "Uh, excuse me..." we pushed on through confidently.

We wandered around admiring some of the architecture and touring through all of the offices. Eventually we found a secluded one to our liking, shut the door, and enjoyed some high-quality coke (not a drug reference).

The high point -- aside from the coke (Ha! Get it?! That was a drug reference!) -- was finding that almost every door on the top floor had a pair of keys left in the lock. I can't tell you how tempted Andy and I were to take the keys and move into the offices.

The take-home message that Andy and I learned is this: bluff confidently, or you'll get caught.