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Hey there! This article was written in 2005.

It might not have aged well for any number of reasons, so keep that in mind when reading (or clicking outgoing links!).


Posted 17 August 2005

I updated this entry multiple times throughout the day, and you get the benefit!

9:45a - I brought two cans of root beer to work, but one of them asploded because it got a slight gash in the side of the can. Oh man, was I ever disappointed. I just finished drinking the remaining can, and it made me sad that I couldn't reach for the second one and slug that back, too.

10:30a - As far as I can tell, my mono symptoms (including strep) are gone. I've got my energy back, along with my appetite, so I'm feeling pretty good. I actually lost 7 pounds in two weeks due to mono!

11:45a - I just had what I can only describe as a spasm in my ear. I felt slight vibrations on the right side of my head and heard a very low, fast thumping noise in my right ear. I'm totally fweakin' out!

1:50p - Did you know that the study of money, its forms, and its history is called "numismatics"? ... ANYway, I'm going to be working a little overtime tonight. Hopefully I'll get to go to Chipotle for dinner as my reward.

5:00p - My Chipotle plan is coming together nicely. Also, I'll be playing a Gamecube wrestling game with Andy after eating (not to be confused with "wrestling with Andy", as has been suggested). Oh yes, and I have a Gmail account that I'm going to be publicizing shortly.

6:00p - Babying upgrades of Windows 2000 computers makes me angry. Every single step requires user intervention. Thank goodness I can channel my rage into computer-controlled wrestlers.

7:05p - I'm going to Chipotle with Amanda and Andy! Yippee! ... and then I get to vent against The Rock. Stupid The Rock.

11:00p - Andy still has spyware on his computer. It boggles the mind to think that a computer engineer of his caliber would allow spyware to remain on his computer for a full year, but he has. I have to use his roommate's computer to post this because the spyware on his computer is known to record passwords and credit card numbers and such. Oh, and The Rock threw down on me.