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Hey there! This article was written in 2005.

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Posted 11 July 2005

Ah. The other day I was thinking that I could probably be fairly happy just fixing people's computers all day long...not IT work, mind you, but working at a computer repair shop. Then almost the next day it occurred to me why: I want to be an opinion leader of technology. I have the knowledge and skill to differentiate between competing technologies and services, and the sincere desire that people use good technology that enables them to do what they want. Fixing people's computers would give me the chance to look at what they're using and recommend better software and services to them, such as Firefox.

That, I realized, is why I hate Xanga so passionately -- it uses shoddy technology, and the Xanga developers have made the service the isolationist China of the internet. It's an absolute ghetto over there, but when I recommend better things to people they just shrug off the advice, saying "It's what I use" or "It's what my friends use".

I take it personally as a slap in the face, I realized. I know that my friends have chosen a service that they can't switch from without great cost -- and that is Xanga's fault -- but when they choose not to switch when I recommend something different, all I hear is "Your opinion is worthless", no matter what they actually say. I would still say Xanga is a terrible blog service regardless, but at least now I know why I hate it.

Anyway, I'll end this by again encouraging anyone using poor services to find something better.