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Hey there! This article was written in 2005.

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An exciting development

Posted 28 June 2005 in technology

While in line at CVS with Andy, we noticed that they now sell single-use digital video cameras. 20 minutes for $30, and when you have it "developed" it's put on a DVD that's playable in most DVD players.

I definitely picked one up, and so did Andy. I've stripped mine of all of its stickers, to reveal the connector that CVS would use to download the video off of it, along with the screws so I can open it up and poke around inside. There's already some documentation on the internet about the camcorder, and although it looks really useful for actually taking videos, I'll probably have more fun trying to the hack the thing (although I suspect I'll be largely unsuccessful). Seriously, wouldn't it be nice to have a general-purpose camcorder that I wouldn't have to return to CVS to have my videos "developed"? Yeah, that'd be tasty.

...I mean "cool". "That'd be cool."