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Hey there! This article was written in 2005.

It might not have aged well for any number of reasons, so keep that in mind when reading (or clicking outgoing links!).


Posted 4 May 2005 in life
  • The other day I found a tick sitting on my wall. He's now residing in my trash can, but I don't doubt that there are others. This ridiculously cold weather is forcing all sorts of bugly creepy-crawlers into the dorm, from tiny pale (nearly-translucent) spiders to things with more legs than they know what to do with. C'mon! It's May! (Jesi posted similar thoughts)

  • You might suspect that I modified the sidebar on the right. I did. I'll shortly be modifying things further so there's a link to the photo gallery. I finally figured out how to place the link so it wouldn't be the only thing under its own header, like "Links".

  • Speaking of the photo gallery, there's some awesome software that I think will solve an interesting dilemma I've been having: how can I organize photos that I don't want to put online? The software is called F-Spot, and after discovering that it can export directly to my website, I think it might be exactly what I'm looking for. Too bad it's still considered extremely unstable.

  • Speaking about technology, my inbox used to hover around 60 to 70 messages. Yesterday I trimmed it to 14. Plus, my spam filters strip out a good 10 messages each day, so I'm feeling pretty organized. Oh, and don't worry -- I definitely saved the emails from the people most important to me (such as my mom!).

  • My name made it into the changelog for Drivel! I submitted some trivial patches to fix some bugs, and they put my name in the changelog.

  • I finally figured out why I was in so much pain -- my shoes weren't broken in. Unfortunately, it's been almost two months, and they still aren't completely broken in, so I can't do jogging or running much yet. I've still got a large blister on my right heel.

  • This summer I won't be going back to Oklahoma (thank goodness). To all the people who don't know yet: I'm going to be working at the Health Service through the summer, so don't expect me until Christmas. As much as I enjoy seeing people in Oklahoma, I really like Evanston and I like the people I know here.