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Hey there! This article was written in 2005.

It might not have aged well for any number of reasons, so keep that in mind when reading (or clicking outgoing links!).

The 16-hour goodbye

Posted 4 April 2005

On my final Saturday of spring break (March 26, 2005), I spent 16 hours with my friends, from breakfast to donuts. And of course, I'm making the photos available. Use them as desktop backgrounds, or for little cut-out figures to have crazy table-top adventures with!

The day started with an all-you-can-eat breakfast at Ozzie's with Josh and Eric. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and completely forgot my camera, which makes me really sad. Shortly after that, Eric and I went up to the city and picked up the girls to go bowling. Amy ended up getting a few quick bowling tips from an instructor in the lane next to ours...and Spook (the instructor's name) even paid for our game!

After bowling, we dropped Amy off for babysitting, and then headed to Quail Springs Mall for some El Chico-style tex-mex. After eating we wandered the mall for a little bit, and Kellie showed off the dress she had purchased for Easter Sunday! You can read a little about Amy's perspective with regards to the time she was with us, and Kellie's dress, at her blog. You can also see pictures of Kellie wearing the dress at her photo site.

We drove to Czech Hall for polka dancing by around 7:45p. While we were waiting for more people to show up, Kellie mentioned to me that it would be fun to go clothes shopping for Eric and I, in the sense that Melody and she pick out the clothes for us. I think that's a fantastic idea, considering how poor my fashion sense is, and that's something I'm looking forward to doing next time I'm in town.

Polka dancing was a blast -- I got to dance some, and talk, both of which I enjoy doing. We drove to Starbucks after that, and I definitely got a picture or two there. And then to finish out the night, Eric and I dropped off the girls at their homes and went out for donuts and talked until 2:00a Sunday morning.

Whew And thus ended my 16 hours of breakfast and bowling, dancing and donuts, and friends and fellowship.