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Posted 10 April 2005 in life

I'm bored how are you? Today was ok. Life's ok. my cat's ok. I don't know I guess I'm just weird. Maybe it's because of some blithe afternoon today at the beach......lol and then Terry said this like ffunny thing about some guy she knows i was like HOLLA when I saw Jill we was chillaxin at the mall i don't know maybe i' just weird i guess LOL!!1 Todd was a totaly jerk today...i was thinking maybe i could be cooller than everyone today by doing like funniest thing ever! but i fell onmy arm...maybe i'll go to the doctro, but Timbo didn't feel likw it.........who knows, what a day, well i've got to go do some stufff.........
shoutouts to everyone i know in the whole world i love u ALL I MISS YOU <3 ur awesome d on't eve r change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!