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Hey there! This article was written in 2005.

It might not have aged well for any number of reasons, so keep that in mind when reading (or clicking outgoing links!).

No problem

Posted 24 February 2005

In Interpersonal Communication this week, one of the things we discussed was the effect the clothes you wear have on your outlook and attitude, and also how other people interpret the clothes you wear, and how it speaks about you. When we had the time of discussion, only the girls had anything to say. Eventually the question was posed: "What about the guys?" Of the few guys in the class, the prevailing issue with what clothes we guys chose to wear was whether the clothes were clean or not. This was in stark contrast to the girls, who claimed they would choose clothes based on how they were feeling, or how they wanted to be looked at. So I got it in my mind to put on a suit and tie today for fun.

I pulled out my suit from the closet last night to try it on and get it ready for today. The first thing I noticed was that, due to disuse, the coat shoulders had gathered dust. No problem; I just slapped it until the dust was gone.

I removed everything from the hanger and discovered that the shirt was actually discolored. No problem; I figured that nobody would notice if I kept the coat on at all times---I could just clean it later. Then I tried the suit on, and immediately was aware of a lot of jingling. Turns out one of the buttons on the coat sleeve was barely hanging on. No problem; I cut the button off, and also the same button on the other sleeve for symmetry.

And my shoes? They were all scuffed up from walking a veritable two miles to and from church on Sundays. No problem; they just needed a little shining and they'd be good as new.

The whole thing needed to be ironed though, so I got my iron and plugged it in. Immediately I could hear an audible hum coming from the outlet, and my lamp's lights dimmed. No problem; I just plugged it into a different outlet. After about thirty seconds I started to smell burning, which absolutely made the hairs on the back of my neck crawl. What if it sets off the smoke detector?


I yanked the power cord out of the wall, tore my door out of the wall for airflow, turned both of my fans on high, and pointed one directly at the smoke detector. Then I chunked the shirt into the laundry and forgot about the whole thing.

...the door might not have been ripped entirely off of its hinges, but it was close.