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Hey there! This article was written in 2005.

It might not have aged well for any number of reasons, so keep that in mind when reading (or clicking outgoing links!).

New Japan with Andy and Justin

Posted 27 February 2005

Updated again -- another new quote

I got together with Justin Pawela and Andy Collins for sushi tonight. Be sure to check out the photos.

Wow. We had an absolute blast. The place we went for sushi was New Japan, and I think the staff were under the impression that we were drunk. First of all, we were laughing so hard it was difficult to breathe. We weren't particularly loud I don't think, but I think it was cemented in their minds when I felt bad for asking for refill after refill, and ended up saying "Hey could I have another refill? I'm sorry, I've been drinking a lot." After a moment I turned to Justin, who was silently laughing, and said "That just didn't come out right." Later, when the waitress brought yet another refill, Andy said "Yeah, he's been drinking a lot."

Further, the manager kept doing what I can only describe as patrolling. He would walk up just behind our table, stand there for a moment or two, and then walk away. Then, out of nowhere we were brought some fresh fruit as a kind of dessert. To top it all off, when I found out they charged me twice for coke because there was an unwritten refill limit, I asked how they could charge me for it if it wasn't written. When she brought our bill back, Andy looked up and said "Whoa, they gave us like a 10% discount!" Finally, when we had already exited to the street, the manager rushed out to say "Thank you!" So I'm pretty sure they were trying to avoid trouble with these rowdy, out-of- control drunkards.

Now then, some quotes:

A few days previous. I passed Justin on the street and we agreed on Saturday for sushi.

Me : We'll figure out the exact time later.
Justin : Call me.
Me : I do call you! You never answer! You never call back!
Justin : ...call me better.

Calling Justin to tell him we're nearly to his place -- we're late because Andy had to wash off a massive lipstick kiss mark that Luci gave him on our way out.

Me : Hey, we're at the Arch.
Justin : You know you're a little late.
Me : Yeah, Andy had to clean up some lipstick he had on.
Justin : Fair enough. Pretty crazy nightlife?
Me : Definitely. I had to slap him awake, and it took forever to sober him enough for him to walk.

Andy and I have just picked up Justin.

Justin : Ouch!
Andy : What?
Justin : I think I have a spider that's biting me.
Me : What, are you serious?
Justin : No, seriously, I think there's a spider in my pants, and it's biting me...OUCH!
Andy : It's probably that brown recluse from this summer.
Justin : UGH. shivers I still don't know how you slept with that thing in the room.
Andy : We had some pretty wild nights together.

Justin announced he's considering becoming a loan shark.

Me : You wouldn't make a good loan shark. You'd show up with the bat, and I can just see you saying "...eh. Could you just hit yourself?" and handing them the bat.
Andy : He could have hired goons do the batting.
Me : Ooh, make sure you have a guy named Guido. With a name like that, you'll definitely have the zesty, hip look that gets you respect.
Andy : You should bat them after they pay.
Justin : What? No! You have to treat the customers right. You only break their legs if they don't pay.
Andy : Eventually you'll have the entire town in wheelchairs.
Me : Make sure you own the hospital.

Justin confessed that he's had his eyes on those Airsoft guns.

Andy : Why buy Airsoft when you can get the real thing?
Justin : But I want to have gun fights in my apartment!
Andy : Yeah, but you can still do that.
Me : Plus, if you play your cards right, you'll just keep getting more and more players when the cops show up!
Andy : You definitely want the real thing.
Justin : But all of my friends would die.
Andy : OK, so you can only play once. But it's awesome for that one time!

Out of nowhere. I don't have any idea how it came to this.

Justin : Whphehh.
Andy : Pffsh.
Justin : Whphehh.
Andy : Pffsh.
Justin : Whphehh.
Andy : Pffsh.
Justin : Whphehh.

All that to say, I had an awesome time. I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time.