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Hey there! This article was written in 2005.

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Helping people switch

Posted 14 February 2005

I went over to Andy's apartment today, and had a chance to play around with Beth's Powerbook. Wow. I could definitely go for a MacOSX laptop. Anyway, I happened to ask Beth if she used iChat, and she replied that she used the official AIM client. Mercy.

She said it would be OK to install AdiumX, which is the OSX equivalent to Gaim. The first thing I did was install the software. The second thing I did was have her put in her AIM screenname and password. Three minutes later she turned to me and said "...I'll never use AIM again." Score one for better software, and I hadn't even shown her any of the most useful features!

I pointed out that she could assign a name to her friends' screennames, so rather than "snackums203" she could see "Fatty Collins" (totally as a "for example"). She was amazed. I pointed out that all the conversations occurred in tabs in the same window. She cried out "That's so much better!" I pointed out that she could log into multiple accounts at the same time, like Yahoo or Jabber, in addition to AIM. She thought that was awesome.

If you're using MacOSX and the digitally-retarded AIM chat software, please stop. Please. You're missing out. Go download AdiumX and try it out. Ask Beth, or Mike (a student who's also the Apple representative on campus). They endorse it very thoroughly. Apparently it only takes three minutes to determine which is better --- do you have three minutes to improve your computer experience?