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Hey there! This article was written in 2005.

It might not have aged well for any number of reasons, so keep that in mind when reading (or clicking outgoing links!).


Posted 26 February 2005

Today it occurred to me that people consistently comment "Oh, I didn't know you were left-handed!" There seems to be no logic to it. If I was a righty, would they then say "Hey, wow, you use your right to write!"? Should I be surprised to see them studying? "Whoa, hold the phone. You never told me you were literate!"

Therefore, this little post will help keep you all one right-step ahead of the rest of the pack. You'll never again be caught off guard to discover which side of me does what and when!


  • If it goes on my upper body, my right arm leads. This applies to T-shirts, jackets, and backpacks.

  • Pants are put on right-leg-first, and shoes go on right-foot-first.

  • When walking down stairs, my right foot leads to the first step, whether that step is up or down. I also prefer to reach the top with my right foot.

  • Scissors are strictly a right hand activity.

  • If you need it thrown, swung at, cut, or kicked, my right is the side for the job.

  • If I'm kneeling on one knee, my right knee is definitely going to be on the ground.

  • I think my right hand would probably feel better for holding hands than my left hand.

  • A common misconception: the abstinence ring goes on my right hand, not my left.

  • Interlocking my fingers, my right thumb goes on top.

  • The spacebar on my keyboard has been smoothed on the right side.

  • If I'm using my electric razor, I start with the right side of my face.


  • With a regular razor I shave the left side of my face first.

  • My head goes to the left when hugging.

  • The wedding ring goes on the left hand.

  • I'm a southpaw.

  • My left hand controls the forks and spoons.

  • Hold a book with the back facing you. Flip it open backwards. My left hand would immediately shift to the spine to support the weight of the book.

  • Milk is poured using the left hand.

  • I check my left arm for the time.

And what feels correct for your left and right sides?