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Hey there! This article was written in 2005.

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Stop, you rogues!

Posted 30 January 2005

I went to Chipotle for dinner again with Andy Collins and Allan Tokuda today. For some reason, while Andy and I were waiting for Allan, this guy at a table kept staring at me. It was very unnerving. Then he actually started pointing while talking to his friends. Dardest thing.

When Allan arrived, we put our stuff at a table and ordered our food. When I sat down at the table, a girl at a nearby table got my attention and asked me if I owned a red hat. I looked around for my OU hat, and lo-and-behold it was gone. Well there was only one person I could think of who could have taken it, and my star witness identified him as one and the same. Too bad he and his crew had left already.

Eventually the line to order became so long that it extended all the way around to form a "C" around the tables, and the place was packed. After about 10 minutes I discerned that the guy was back with another person, holding the hat and discussing something with the other person. I hopped up to retrieve my hat, and when they realized I had seen them they stood there awkwardly as I took the hat back.

While the guy stood there not knowing what to do, the other person had the presence of mind to come to my table and explain that they thought it was an Ohio State hat. Apparently Northwestern has a rivalry with Ohio State? He ended his explanation with "Wrong hat, wrong time," which further leads me to believe there was -- or will be -- a basketball game sometime over this weekend.

I am glad that they brought back the hat, though. How else will I know when it's time for a haircut, if I don't have a fitted hat that eventually doesn't fit anymore?