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Hey there! This article was written in 2004.

It might not have aged well for any number of reasons, so keep that in mind when reading (or clicking outgoing links!).

Justin vs. Xanga: The Fight of Foreverness

Posted 1 December 2004

An abbreviated IM conversation with Mr. Justin Pawela himself. It starts at Xanga and ends with my pride being shattered. This is my favorite IM conversation of all time.

(00:54:00) Kurt McKee : i think it's about time you got a xanga blog, so you can talk about nothing for paragraphs on end.
(00:54:20) Justin Pawela : oh no
(00:54:23) Kurt McKee : oh yes.
(00:54:58) Justin Pawela : i've been watching that xanga for a while and i want nothing to do with it
(01:01:30) Kurt McKee : at least put link in your profile to someone else's profile.
(01:02:44) Justin Pawela : kurt you are way too focused on this "interact between people" that brings me down
(01:04:09) Kurt McKee : this one. this one's good for you. just tell people it's you. http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=dirtypirategal
(01:04:42) Justin Pawela : i'm not gonna forge someone else's profile
(01:05:29) Kurt McKee : you don't have to. she'll do the work. you take the credit.
(01:05:39) Justin Pawela : ha ha no
(01:06:12) Kurt McKee : here's a tantelizing quote: "i've lost my taste for the frat party scene. give me a floor party any day but none of the ravenous boys that slink around the edge of the dance floor."
(01:06:23) Kurt McKee : i'm telling you, you can't make that up.
(01:06:54) Justin Pawela : kurt that quote makes me sad and depressed
(01:07:09) Kurt McKee : she even gets into making fun of interpol.
(01:07:23) Justin Pawela : hey i like interpol
(01:08:00) Kurt McKee : http://www.xanga.com/item.aspx?user=DirtyPirateGal&uid;=142088475
(01:08:07) Kurt McKee : there you have it. how to write an interpol song.
(01:08:26) Justin Pawela : kurt do you even know this person?
(01:08:30) Kurt McKee : yes.
(01:09:07) Kurt McKee : she is a very close friend. we share precious moments together. like today i saw her and said "hey gillian" and she said "hey kurt".
(01:09:49) Justin Pawela : ah those are the best
(01:10:08) Kurt McKee : yeah.
(01:10:17) Kurt McKee : actually i cried most of the day. i didn't see her at all today.
(01:11:03) Justin Pawela : that's too bad
(01:11:14) Justin Pawela : you know her song by interpol isn't bad at all
(01:11:18) Justin Pawela : i'd listen to it
(01:11:57) Justin Pawela : i don't have even 3/14ths of that creativity
(01:12:34) Kurt McKee : neither does interpol. 'cause i don't like interpol, but i like the girl's song.
(01:13:38) Justin Pawela : i demand you retract your hurtful remarks
(01:14:10) Kurt McKee : let me get someone else to type for me.
(01:14:49) Justin Pawela : kurt i think we both know you don't have any friends to type for you
(01:14:55) Justin Pawela : or any friends period
(01:15:05) Kurt McKee : sigh it's sad 'cause it's true.
(01:15:25) Kurt McKee : well, could maybe you and me be friends?
(01:15:53) Justin Pawela : we tried that once and you just kept me up late playing video games and destroyed my spanish grades
(01:16:35) Justin Pawela : no i'm just kidding we can be friends but don't tell anyone, cuz, you know, i've got a reputation to hold on to
(01:16:49) Kurt McKee : hooray! justinyou'reawesome!
(01:17:02) Kurt McKee : so maybe we could hang out some time?
(01:17:35) Justin Pawela : only at night so no one sees