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Hey there! This article was written in 2004.

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Brand new and improved!

Posted 5 December 2004

I've finally revamped the site to have a unique color scheme. You'll please note that there are no actual image tags anywhere -- Mr. Cookie Monster is a background image, and everything is flawlessly done. I would have liked to have had a transparency gradient from transparent to white, but because Internet Explorer doesn't properly support the PNG image format (surprise) I'm forced to do what I don't want to. If you're using Internet Explorer, and you think the site doesn't render properly, you're probably right. I can't say that's any fault of mine, and while I'll see if there's anything to be done, I think you're just going to have to bite the bullet and use a browser that does what it's supposed to, and that is, properly support standards.

It's interesting that while I was coming up with the site colors and deciding on Cookie Monster (love them googly eyes!), I got a delightful and very unexpected finals week care package. It included a batch of homemade cookies, which I've had a great deal of enjoyment in eating. And with me going home in about five days, an analogy about me being Cookie Monster wouldn't be entirely out-of-line. For my Northwestern friends, though, I think it would be "The Cookie Monster Go-eth".